Interview de Marine HEMART pour TERRAKÉ

Marine HEMART interview for TERRAKÉ

Through this interview, Marine Hemart, Manager of the SPA Õ des Lauzes, which is completely supplied with thermal water, presents her career path, the philosophy of this establishment and the reasons why they chose to work with TERRAKÉ.

Could you first present your career path?

Coming from the beauty industry, I immediately started working in different resorts in Savoie. I was quickly in charge of a SPA, I was in charge of the opening of the Aquamotion SPA in Courchevel, then I was in charge of the SPA des Neiges by Clarins at the Allodis Hotel in Méribel. Then, in order to reconcile my professional and personal life, I stopped working during the seasons and became a spa practitioner trainer. It was only recently, almost a year ago, that I had the opportunity to take over the position of Manager of the SPA Õ des Lauzes. It was a great opportunity and a challenge because even if the SPA was working well before my arrival, it is a SPA that is about ten years old and it was getting a little old. My ambition and mission was to give a new lease of life to this space. To do this, we of course carried out some embellishment work but also reworked our treatment menu by selecting a new partner, TERRAKÉ.

What were you looking for in your new partner?

We were looking for something natural but more modern. We were previously with Phyt's. We didn't necessarily want to work with a brand with a very high reputation because we are surrounded by resorts where there are a number of luxury hotels with branded SPAs with a high-end positioning. So we didn't want to compete with these establishments in the sense that we don't have the same target. We needed a brand with a young and dynamic image, which could appeal to the greatest number of people and above all which was in line with our values of naturalness and respect for the environment.

How did TERRAKÉ correspond to these expectations?

We chose TERRAKÉ because it is a brand that is in total adequacy with our values through its 4 universes of body care (Végétal Luxuriant - Eaux Premières - Terra Magica - D'Air et de Lumière) which are inspired by Nature. The name itself "TERRAKÉ" (made of earth and water in Greek) was very much in line with our concept because we are a SPA that is fed by thermal water in the middle of the mountains, in the middle of nature. We were also seduced by the sensoriality that the brand offers, allowing us to experience very sensorial and holistic paths. TERRAKÉ was able to bring that touch of modernity that we were looking for through its packaging, its visuals and its overall brand image. We needed a brand that would be able to follow us, to support us in all aspects of communication, that would be able to make customized proposals with regular follow-up and support in order to build a long-term partnership and a relationship of trust, and this is what TERRAKÉ offers us today.

Can you tell us more about the philosophy of this establishment and your objectives for 2023?

The SPA Õ des Lauzes is known to be the largest SPA in the region that is only supplied with thermal water. It is therefore an establishment that advocates nature and its benefits for a natural beauty. However, we wanted to separate ourselves slightly from this image of thermalism by doing something a little more upscale while continually emphasizing the benefits of our water. The SPA Õ des Lauzes wants to be a holistic SPA in the sense that it allows a global well being through more complete courses than before. We now offer short stays with a medical and relaxing approach above all for a cocooning moment. Our services include naturopathy, yoga, foot reflexology, osteopathy, modeling, wraps, and access to our new infrared sauna. With all these new facilities and proposals we hope to attract a new, younger and more dynamic clientele since our reopening in December 2022. Our desire is to make our establishment a place of daily life, of relaxation where everyone can come to relax and take time for themselves. Clients can benefit from the holistic and sensory aspect of TERRAKÉ treatments and the more therapeutic aspect of the SPA facilities supplied with thermal water in a natural setting in the heart of the mountains for a rejuvenating experience.
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