Moisturizing Professional Care

The Moisturizer treatment instantly plumps, revitalizes and comforts the skin. It is suitable for thirsty skin and the first signs of aging.

Thanks to TERRAKE radio-frequency technology, the skin is deeply hydrated and plumped.


Benefit : The skin is hydrated, plumped up, luminous and comfortable

Skin type : young skin, first signs of ageing, dull skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, combination skin

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The SPA practitioner invites you to discover the chosen treatment and its benefits in order to personalise it according to your preferences during a welcome hand massage.
Make-up removal and detoxifying cleansing of the skin to prepare it for the treatment.
Lifting and remodelling massage
Biotechnology by TERRAKÉ - Use of the radiofrequency machine on the entire face, neck and décolleté to slow down skin ageing.
Moment of intense relaxation with the relaxing facial modelling and the mask application
Final treatment and protection of the skin with the TERRAKÉ care routine.
TERRAKÉ Tea Ceremony

TERRAKÉ's Bipolar Radiofrequency Device

The TERRAKÉ bipolar radiofrequency equipment is designed for safe, comfortable and effective use. It helps to tighten sagging skin while drastically reducing the skin ageing process. Its effect is visible on the wrinkles, the skin texture and the oval of the face.

The waves applied to the skin are creating a warming of the subcutaneous tissues, which triggers a reaction of the collagen fibres and helps improve the firmness and the tension of the skin.


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