After four years of research and development the brand develops its new patented complex and launches in 2019 the HTP-3 BLAST product line. The goal of this line: to treat the signs of aging through biotechnology.

In 2021, the brand will revamp its body care approach. Each of the four body care universes is associated with a massage with precise maneuvers, a candle, a tea, music, a color harmony and products.

By awakening the senses, TERRAKÉ offers a holistic approach to provide a unique and customized experience.

With the aim of offering ever more targeted, natural skincare products adapted to each need, the brand is now launching its new range of face care products, the ABSOLU ELIXIR range.

The TERRAKÉ ABSOLU ELIXIR face range offers specific products, developed according to the needs of each individual and adapted to all the problems encountered by the skin.

Synonymous with natural excellence, the products in the ABSOLU ELIXIR range are developed around the quintessence of plant and marine flora in order to offer formulas composed of at least 96% of ingredients of natural origin.